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Suit up!

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When it comes to men wearing suits, my favourite quote is the tagline of H. M. Cole:

“A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men”

The message is simple, easy to understand and instantly fuels up the imagination of the male species of homo sapiens: If you want to attract women, go buy a good suit and make sure that it is bespoke! A clever attempt to promote the importance of bespoke suits for men.

Tailored suits have known to be usually worn by businessmen, political figures, bureaucrats and various other professionals. It is usually associated with the crème de la crème of society. But does that mean that only the elite are eligible and blessed with all the lady luck?

In my opinion, the above quote from the suit-makers are directed more to the ‘everyday guy’ who wants to go out there and impress his lady. Outfitters like H. M. Cole are not the only ones who are trying to awaken the common man to the idea of well-fitted suits. The idea of bespoke suit has slowly and subtly been introduced into the lives of common man through movies and television sitcoms.

There are various characters who emphasise the importance of well-fitted suits and who have gone on to become male fashion icons:

  1. James Bond

‘007’ as he is fondly called by his fellow comrades at MI6, is one of Great Britain’s best secret service agents who fights the bad guy and saves the damsel in distress. And guess what? He does all of this wearing the iconic tailored three-piece suit!

  1. Harvey Spectre

The savvy lawyer from the American sitcom Suits who earns the title of being ‘’the best closer in town” is also one of the best dressed characters on television. His suits convey the message loud and clear that well-dressed men are bound to be successful.

  1. Christian Grey

The iconic protagonist of the series Fifty Shades drives the Audi R8 Spyder, has his private chopper and owns a wardrobe full of bespoke suits. This guy with his charisma and great clothes has wooed half the women on the planet and has become a fashion idol for most men.

  1. Barney Stinson

This character from the popular American sitcom How I met your Mother often seems to use his favourite tagline ‘Suit up!’ Be it a birthday party or a date night dinner, this ‘lover boy’ is known to wear only suits as he believes that is the only way to attract the opposite sex.

  1. Bruce Wayne

He is our very own superhero Batman who fights and saves the city of Gotham from various evils. When not being a superhero, he prefers to be the rich, handsome Casanova showing off his wardrobe full of tailored outfits.

These popular characters and various other characters have certainly revolutionised the male fashion industry and immortalised the idea of tailored outfits. They have brought out the simple message that whether to be successful or to be lucky in love or even to beat up the bad guy, suits are man’s best friend!

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