• Sanjukta Nathan


My first stint with writing started at the age of ten when I started writing my first diary. It was not because I loved writing, but because one of the characters from my then favourite story book ( forgive me for not remembering the name ) used to always write her experiences in a diary. The urge to write diary almost everyday continued and soon it became a passion. As technology advanced , parchment got changed into ‘MS Word’ and pens gave up to keyboards. My diary turned digital all of a sudden!

But with time I learned  that in life that not all passions can remain with you throughout. Sometimes we have to leave behind our favourite hobbies and make time for those that help you in securing a sound future for yourself. In my case my job became my priority (later my masters degree) and my passion got locked up in a file on this computer, just as my diary was lying in some dusty corner of my house.

For months I moved away my passion to make way for my work. How does one ensure that your passion and priorities go hand in hand? The answer came to me on a February morning when I was attending Ms. Dunstan’s  Digital Communications class. As part of her assignment she asked us to maintain a blog and update it regularly. Suddenly my work and my passion collided and I was back to doing what I always wanted to do. Write.

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