• Sanjukta Nathan

Insecurities of a Secure Mind

Have you ever come across that feeling when you own something?

And then…have you experienced the feeling when someone else takes a liking for what you own?

Insecurity is an intrinsic part of human emotions. It is not something we can control or do away with completely. It is involuntary. Researchers across the world have linked it to a particular hormone called ‘oxytocin’ – usually referred to as the ‘trust hormone’ by many. Interestingly, this ‘trust hormone’ which is otherwise active when you start trusting someone wholeheartedly, is the reason why you start becoming insecure of that relationship. Sounds paradoxical? Well, that’s life for you…

So how does one combat this involuntary feeling of losing someone or something when a third, fourth or ‘n’th entity enters the equation of your relationship?

Simple. First accept the fact that you are insecure. It is not a crime to be one. It is a natural state of mind during unnatural situations.

Second, accept the fact that nothing can be done about it. What you rightfully own already belongs to you and hence someone else taking an interest on it does not change it’s ownership in any way. Now you may disagree on this point and put forth an argument : Should a person sit idle knowing that their possession is in threat of being usurped?

The answer lies to the question. There is a reason why you own it! Your ownership gives you the right to deserve it. Unless you are willing to give away the ownership and unless what you own , willfully wants to get a new owner, there is no reason to be afraid.

Always remember that things that have changed hands have had either of the reasons above .

So my dear secure mind, sit back and relax while you dip your insecurities in a cuppa. The secure mind will always be insecure but the insecure mind will never be secure.

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